These Rules Are For Everyone's Protection

Mailer, Banner and Text Ad Rules:

Before submitting an ad, please take note of these rules and make sure your ad does not violate any of them. Harmony Mails reserves the right to delete any ad that is in violation of these rules, and in the case of serious or repeat offenses, Harmony Mails reserves the right to suspend or delete a member. This would cause the member to lose any credits or commissions in their account, and the offending member could have their IP and emails address banned from this site.

  • No frame breaking sites
  • No sites with illegal activity
  • No viruses, trojans or spyware
  • No HYIP, Ponzi, Investment Auto-surfs
  • No dating, porn, friend finding, romance, sexual enhancers etc. This will get you banned and suspended on the spot
  • No website that promotes paranoia, hatred, racism or religious intolerance
  • No paid-to-promote
  • Only one popup will be allowed. No exit popups, or popunders.
  • No misleading subjects, such as "You have made a referral" etc
  • No foul or offensive language in text or subject

Please also read and be aware of our
Terms of Service