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All members absolutely must sign up with a Gmail account. We don't accept any other email address.

In addition, by signing up to Harmony Mails, you agree to receive credit emails from your fellow members.

If you are new to Mailers such as Harmony Mails (safelists) it is important that you understand
that you will receive a fairly large volume of emails from fellow members.
These are credit mails which you click to earn credits towards
your own mailings.

You should have a gmail address especially for receiving emails from mailers, or alternatively, you should set up
filters in your existing gmail account that redirect your mails to folders, one per mailer that you belong to.
Clear the contents of these folders regularly.


If you are unable to verify your account
please contact us so that we can verify you manually..

Harmony Mails is a Free Email Service
However, you have the option
to upgrade for superior


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