Harmony Mails FAQs

What is Harmony Mails?

Harmony Mails is an online service where registered members
can exchange emails.

It is a permission based email marketing service.

It is basically an email marketing exchange. Where members send and
receive emails from other members who are like minded online entrepreneurs.

This makes it one of the most targeted forms of advertising for affiliate marketers.

The website opens within a surfing guarded frame which has a timer and at the end of the countdown,
the recipient
earns credits towards sending his/her own email to members.


Is Harmony Mails free?

Yes! Harmony Mails is a free service which offers the option to upgrade.


What else does Harmony Mails offer?

Harmony Mails also offers other types of advertising, such as banner and text link advertising both on the website, and also in email frames.


Harmony Mails also offers an Affiliate Program

All members are automatically given affiliate priviledges which means that you can
share your unique affiliate link and when someone joins you on your link you can earn both residual credits and commissions should they be active and/or upgrade.


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